Posted in Family, Happy Times by Mila on September 23, 2009

Heeeey I’m writing at Singapore lhoo. Hehehe rasanya enak banget berkoneksi sama internet disini. Meskipun laptopnya di posisi sengketa, tapi alhamdulillah bisa. Fyi, gue dan keluarga gue nginep di Hotel Ibis di Bencoolen Street. Kita baru sampe kemaren, jadi belom ada tempat wisata yang bisa dikunjungin. Tapi kayaknya laptopnya mau dipake sama yang punya, jadi catch up with ya later guys. Oh ya, my room looks like this.



Foto-foto Sajalah

Posted in Anything, Family by Mila on July 26, 2009

These pictures were taken when there was Malam Final Abang None DKI Jakarta 2009, which my cousin was one of the finalists. Too bad he didn’t win.








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It turns out that my holiday is not sleeping at home anymore. Yap, I’m writing in Cirebon, maybe Kuningan exactly. I don’t even know for sure.

This morning, my family ‘nyontreng’ (what’s in English anyway?). I didn’t although I had the right to, because those who wanted to ‘nyontreng’ only with identity card, had to wait until 12 a.m which I can’t because I had to go as soon as possible. Then me and my family went to Cirebon.

All the way here, at Cirebon (or Kuningan?), I slept a lot. And I mean it. But somehow I didn’t feel so sleepy until we got to this hotel, which I don’t know the name.

Well, I really have to go now, get some evening fresh air.

See ya!